Every now and then, I like to try something new. This time the story is told solely from the first person’s perspective. Let me know what you think! Enjoy the rest of the weekend- Keni!

‘Your mother doesn’t like me.’

The words hung awkwardly in the air. I desperately needed him to deny it, for him to assuage my fears. I fidgeted with my nails for what seemed like eternity. Then I tried again.

‘Jeffrey, are you there?’

‘Yes, I am here’, he answered quietly.

There was that awkward silence again.

I had my answer.

I mumbled a quick ‘I will talk to you later’ and hung up.

I met Jeffrey’s mum earlier today. Jeffrey and I had been together for three years and yet this was the first time I was meeting her. I didn’t find it particularly strange because she was rarely in the country. I had seen…

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The Legacy

Hi guys!! I miss you so much! Only a few more days until we are reunited. Naa Awula is back with another thrilling piece! By the way, she tells me she is working on a sequel for Instagram Wedding. …

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8 to 5 Ep06: Tale of two cities


Happy Wednesday, guys! You people like politics papa! Clearly Kofi Dubai got us some attention. If you can, I hope you are voting on the 7th. That is the citizen’s true power. Welcome to all my new readers and binge readers who have finally decided to catch up. I see you. 😉 Today’s episode is dedicated to the most amazing CPR, just because. 🙂 ❤

And now, on to today’s story…

What requires this much secrecy?

I never keep anything from Akwesi.

And why face to face, and not over the phone?

The questions were many.

Edem kept tossing them in his head as he turned onto the highway.

He was absentmindedly watching the crippled man who sat at the St Mary’s junction when the honking from the cars behind him jostled him back into reality.

He was meeting her at Korle Bu.

At least it was a public place.

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8 to 5 Ep05: Kofi Dubai


Happy Wednesday!! Hope everyone is doing well! Been a busy week for me, hope yours went well too. My friend Caritas (gang leader for Team Kenkey at #theKenikodjomeetup) and her group, Tatas and Friends are giving back to the children in the Ejisu Government Hospital with Yendi Bronya (Kumasi Edition). To be a part of this, all you have to do is tick one or more things off the wish list: baby cots, clothes, toys, bed sheets, diapers, wipes, examination tables, shelves, face masks, wipes. If you prefer to donate in kind, please send your donation latest by the end of this month. They can send someone to pick up your donation wherever you are. Alternatively, you can send in your cash which will be used to purchase the items in Kumasi. Please contact them on any of the social media platforms for more information. 

Today’s episode is dedicated to Drs…

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Know Thy Man Ep01: Fugitive

It promises to be an exciting episode


Yes, we are back!! Thank you so much for voting in the Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards 2016. As at 13th April, we were in the lead with 41.4% of the votes and I want to say thank you to every single one of you who voted and got your distant cousins to vote as well. I have said this so often that I sound like a broken record- but you guys are the best readers a blogger could ask for. You always move me to tears with your overwhelming support. Now all we have to do is wait for 20th May to get here. Fingers crossed 🙂

This episode is dedicated to one of my biggest fans, Rosie Nkansah. You are just as fun in person as you are online- and it was such an honour to meet you. Kenikodjo Twitter rep herself! You made me…

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100 things that make me happy 

I love Reddington too


I first saw this on Dr AOA’s blog and then I also discovered Nana Ama Agyeman Asante‘s list. Initially, I started compiling my list out of curiosity to see what would pop into my mind and if I could make it to 100. It turns out that I had so many things to write down that I was tempted to shift the number to 150. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s to happiness and to knowing a little more about me than I usually let on.

1. CPR

2. Doing anything with CPR

3. Chocolate (KitKat, Kingsbite, Godiva, Lindt-the whole shebang!) *no dark chocolate please.

4. Good music- Handel,Beethoven or Bach (classical music junkie), jazz, Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Joe Mettle..

5. Singing with Gramophone Chorus

IMG_0041 If you look closely, you can see me in the second row, singing my heart out.

6. The sound of a bass guitar

7. Hymns

8. The feeling…

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